The ARPC is seeking Requests for Interests and Qualifications (RFQ) from entities interested in serving as the Community Transportation Coordinator for Gulf County, Florida.  Below is a link to the announcement posted on December 29, 2016 containing all materials required for consideration.  Deadline for the RFQ to be submitted is 4:00pm on Thursday January 12, 2017.

Gulf County RFQ 2016


 Annually, the Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD) designates an agency to fulfill the function of transportation disadvantaged planning in areas not covered by a Metropolitan Planning Organization.  The ARPC serves as the designated official planning agency (DOPA) for Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Jackson, and Liberty Counties.  As the DOPA, the ARPC:

  • Staffs quarterly meetings of the local coordinating boards
  • Provides program & administration support
  • Monitors and evaluates the community Transportation Coordinators
  • Prepares an update to the county coordinated transportation development plans, and
  • Trains new local coordinating board members to help them satisfy their duties pursuant to Chapter 427, F.S. and Rule 41-2, F.A.C.

For more information on ARPC’s Transportation Disadvantaged Program, please contact Kwentin Eastberg at (850)488-6211 ext. 105.

Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Boards
2016-2017 Meeting Schedule
Meeting locations, dates and times may change.
Contact staff for current information regarding the meetings.



The Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan is developed by the Community Transportation Coordinator and the ARPC under the guidance and approval of the Local Coordinating Board. The Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan is an annually updated tactical plan with components of development, service and quality assurance.

Through the Local Coordinating Board’s involvement in the review and approval of the Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan, the Local Coordinating Board is able to guide and support the Community Transportation Coordinator in implementing coordination efforts and locally developed service standards that are consistent with the needs and resources of the community.

The Service Plans were last updated on June of 2016: