The 2017-2021 Apalachee Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is in the process of input and composition. Check back to this page to find goals, strategies, and our progress dashboard as they evolve.







In development! Goals will derive from Apalachee Steering Committee’s interpretation of the Florida Chamber’s Six Pillars and the Northwest Florida Forward plan.





In development! The 2016 CEDS crafted 24 “goals” with 59 corresponding objectives. The 2017 edition will have a similar number of entries.

The 2017 strategies will also incorporate learning from Hanley and Douglass’ review of Economic Development approaches in the United States: High Road, Low Road, or Off Road?

Resilience – economic and otherwise – will figure into strategies via expert input and Committee ranking.



The following asset map will be updated regularly to reflect both:

  • Input from the CEDS committee and community members about regional assets
  • Project points occurring as a result of CEDS strategies


Progress Dashboard

Objective/Tactic Metric Progress Impact